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African Flavor Magazine                        
Is a business start up guide for entrepreneurs and
investors who want to start a business or invest in Africa.
Why You Should Be Investing In Africa
Right Now!
Analysts say the rate of return on foreign
investment in Africa is higher than in any other
developing region in the world. Over the last
decade, 7 of the world's 10 fastest-growing
countries were African.  We  help entrepreneurs
and investors jump start their business in Africa
African Flavor Magazine.Com
Africa Business News
Build your own business or industry in
Africa with less than $10,000 or more
and start making profits today.
Get into real estate and construction in
Africa for less than the price of a new car
African Flavor Magazine
Africa has 60-65% of the world’s
uncultivated arable land and 10% of
renewable freshwater resources.
Africa Agribusiness
African Flavor Magazine is an influential
magazine with a huge readership focusing on
business, investments and travel in Africa.
Tanzania, East Africa
African Flavor Magazine.Com - Africa's Business, News and Travel Guide
Starting a Business Or Investing In Africa Is Easy With Us
Bed & Breakfast
If you have a business to transplant or are looking to set up your own business in a tax-friendly,
benefit-laden location, you owe it to yourself to investigate the opportunities in Africa, especially if your
work falls under any of the following categories: telecommunications, infrastructure, renewable energy,
agribusiness, call centers, software development, manufacturing, real estate or tourism.
Start With Just $100
Many people believe you have to have thousands or
millions of dollars to get started, that is not true. Start
with what you have, right now. African Flavor Magazine
can show you how! Here is an
Why Should I Invest In Africa?
Africa has over 1 billion people and that
number is expected to double in just a few
short years. All of these people will need a
place to stay (
real estate) and food to eat
Agribusiness). The smart investor is
preparing for that rush now and already
making profits in most sectors.
Return on Investment!
Africa Business Opportunities
With its sophisticated cities and vast landscapes,
unique wildlife and rich indigenous cultures, Africa
offers a wealth of opportunity to investors.
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Invest in African Real Estate
Come join us in South Africa or Ghana (West Africa) for a
week long
investment tour  If you do not want to travel,
we can assist you with your business and investments.
We make doing business in Africa simple!