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African Flavor Magazine.Com
About Us
We are a United States based company with
offices in Africa, offering business and travel
services as well as full investing and real
estate services.

In Ghana, West Africa we have real estate
property management services and residential
sales. We represent our sellers and buyers as
well as rental property owners and tenants in
search of an African rental. Are you a owner or
buyer? Contact us and see how we can help.

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We started African Flavor Magazine.Com to fulfill a need for a different travel and business services
company in Africa. We evolved with our clients; evolved with technology and the market needs. We follow
the latest trends and set new standards: from being one of the first companies to take clients by the hand
step by step to complete their transaction to heavy social media advertising, we are on top of the game in
order to serve our clients better and make our processes more efficient. We are one of the few travel and
business services companies in Africa, who are environmentally friendly – most of our business is
At African Flavor Magazine.Com, we believe in integrity and outstanding customer service. We pride
ourselves on being responsive and available to our clients. All communication is answered within 24
hours, or less. We understand that for most people traveling or investing in Africa is a large investment
and we recognize the importance of knowing what’s going on at all times.
Whether you are traveling, buying, selling, volunteering or in need of
business services in Africa, give us a try. We promise to work hard and
keep you informed every step of the way.
Zanzibar, East Africa
African Flavor Magazine works with entrepreneurs and investors to start up and grow
businesses in Africa.
Africa Business Opportunities
With its sophisticated cities and vast landscapes,
unique wildlife and rich indigenous cultures, Africa
offers a wealth of opportunity to investors.
African Flavor Magazine                        
Is a business start up guide for entrepreneurs and
investors who want to start a business or invest in Africa.
Why You Should Be Investing In Africa
Right Now!
Analysts say the rate of return on foreign
investment in Africa is higher than in any other
developing region in the world. Over the last
decade, 7 of the world's 10 fastest-growing
countries were African.  We  help entrepreneurs
and investors jump start their business in Africa
African Flavor Magazine help people who are interested in starting a business in Africa, investing
there, traveling, volunteering or exporting African goods to the US or Europe! African Flavor Magazine
is here to help you on that journey. We assist ambitious and heart centered entrepreneurs and
business owners from the Diaspora with fast market entry in Africa. African Flavor Magazine share
strategies, action-steps, and rare insights that immediately empower you to take leaps. And African
Flavor Magazine can help you build your network.
Start A Business In Africa
With Our Help!
Learn Which Businesses Are The Best To start And What
Countries Fall In The Top 10 Best African Countries To Do
Business In!
Ty Nichols
Ty Nichols the owner of
African Flavor Magazine
has traveled back and
forth to Africa for over 8
years.  He owns real
estate and businesses
in West Africa.
When he speaks about travel or doing business in
Africa, he speaks from experience. He is the "go
To" person to get your foot in the door.
If you are
ready to travel or do business in Africa, let's talk.