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We represent film producers and actors for work In Africa
Have you ever dreamed of becoming an actor or actress? Millions of other
people have too, and it's very expensive to get your career off the ground,
not to mention your chances of getting in front of the decision makers are
very low.

Here is a secret you may not know. The second largest film industry in the
world is in Africa. Before you laugh watch some  
African Movie Trailers

The African film industry has grown very rapidly in the last two decades to
become the second largest film industry in the world (based on number of
movies released), ahead of Hollywood (USA) and just behind Bollywood
The industry releases nearly forty new movies to the market every week and enjoys a fan base of more
than one billion people across the world. Although plagued by low funding and poor distribution networks,
the African film industry is still in its early growth phase with a lot of lucrative prospects for the smart
Now is the perfect time to get your foot in the door before this secret
becomes well known and prices go through the roof!
If you want to be behind the camera (film production) or in front of the camera (actor) contact us at
African Flavor Magazine.

African Flavor Magazine will provide film makers and actors the opportunity of a lifetime to show the
world their talent. Contact us today for more details.
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