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Top 10 Most Popular Foods in Africa
African cuisine is as diverse as the hundreds of different cultures and groups that inhabit the
continent. This diversity is reflected in the many local culinary traditions in terms of choice of
ingredients, style of preparation and cooking techniques. Many of the dishes are also affected
by the subsistence nature of living in many parts of the continent – you find farmers, herdsmen
and fishermen everywhere. The crops they grow or the animals they keep thus affect the
popular dishes in their regions.
Africa Business Opportunities
With its sophisticated cities and vast landscapes,
unique wildlife and rich indigenous cultures, Africa
offers a wealth of opportunity to investors.
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Is a business start up guide for entrepreneurs and
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Why You Should Be Investing In Africa
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Analysts say the rate of return on foreign
investment in Africa is higher than in any other
developing region in the world. Over the last
decade, 7 of the world's 10 fastest-growing
countries were African.  We  help entrepreneurs
and investors jump start their business in Africa